040 - What Does 'Not Enough Money' Mean to You?


Many people feel financially anxious or stressed out because they feel they won’t have enough money to live a financially secure life. 

They worry they will ‘run out of money’. 

And that’s why so many are on the treadmill to earn more.

Of course, we all need money to take care of our most basic needs like food, shelter, clothing and safety.

But beyond that, what does enough mean to you?

I’ve often let my vague and general idea of how much would make me feel comfortable remain exactly that - vague and general.

Well, vague and general is your recipe for creating financial anxiety, insecurity and stress in your life.

Take the time to work exactly what enough looks like for you and what concrete actions you’re taking to get there.

Listen to this week’s episode where I walk you through the steps of how to do this.

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Here’s the typical answer to the question, why do you want more money?

‘Because more money means I can have the life that I want.’

Then when I ask how much money exactly do you need to live the life you want?

I usually don’t get a concrete number. 

‘Well, I just want more than what I have now.’

The problem with that kind of thinking is that you'll never have enough. 

Until you define clearly what ‘enough’ means to you, you’ll always want ‘more’.

And having enough also means you must get clear about exactly what really matters to you.

One thing about having my house flooded recently and having to move to a temporary place for a month, I realised how little we actually needed to feel safe and happy.

Besides taking care of our physical needs for food and shelter, having all of us safe and sound and together, all the other things were really icing on the cake.

While I ranted and raved and cursed and swore about the trouble of having to run between 2 places during the busiest time at work and in the middle of launching my pilot program with my side hustle, I realised life was teaching a very important lesson.

While I was stressing about the mortgage payment, getting the training courses at work done and recruiting members into my program, life was telling me to pay attention to my own well-being and my kids. Right around this same time, I was also dealing with taking care of my kids’ health issues. It was a lot to take in and handle and I was feeling really overwhelmed.

Life was telling me to slow down, and pay attention to what really matters.

One thing I learned about life when she tries to teach me something. 

I usually need really, really big and loud lessons to learn. Like my house flooding this time! Previously, it was our 6-figure business debt and being let go from my job.

So back to this lesson about what’s enough for you?

Let me decode that for you - what really matters in your life? I mean all the important aspects of your life?

Have a think about it and make a note of what those are.

For me, it’s my health, the health of my family. Safety and a roof over our heads

It’s having loving and harmonious relationships with my family, friends and colleagues.

Beyond these essentials, it’s doing work that energizes rather than drains me, and where I get to feel like I’m making a difference by inspiring others to realize they’re here for something more than themselves and that their dreams are a real possibility and theirs to create. I get happy when I can make others happy and excited about their lives. And that includes my kids which is why it’s important to me that I’m able to provide them as many opportunities as I can for them to experience different activities and hobbies as they are led to explore.

What would be icing on the cake for me in terms of ‘enough’ is to have pleasant experiences, meaning, I want to do things and experience things that make me feel good, like traveling together with my family, discovering new places and food, staying in nice places.

Now, once you’ve identified what’s truly important to you in terms of what’s essential, what’s a little more than essential and what’s icing on the cake with bells and whistles, put a dollar amount next to everything you’ve identified. How much exactly does each stage of enough cost? This is your definition of ‘enough’ at all these 3 levels.

Then, look at how much money you have now? 

What’s the gap between how much your 3 levels of enough kind of life will cost you and how much money you now have or are making?

It should be that the gap between your essentially enough life will be smaller than your bells and whistles icing on the cake kind of life.

Next, think about and explore what you can do to close the gap. Work your way from the essentials only life and upwards towards your bells and whistles, icing on the cake kind of life. You’re probably somewhere in between.

Sure, you can still choose to fill out surveys, walk the dogs or teach an instrument to earn more money.

And if that’s your choice, how long will doing that take? How much could you potentially make from that, will it be enough for you to get to your bells and whistles icing on the cake life?

If not, what else could you do?

When you’re clear about exactly what you want, what you need and what’s most important and essential to you, then you can make conscious choices based on the different levels of what’s enough for you.

These were the steps I took that led me to the conclusion that I wanted to start my own training company, doing what I love, which is to help people transform their dreams into reality. The way I do that is by helping people overcome their financial anxieties that often blind them to all the limitless possibilities in front of them to earn more so that they can create their dream life.

This was a journey that took a few years, but with each step I’ve taken, it’s become clearer and more certain that I’m on the right path because it feels good to me.

I’ve also used this approach to clearly know how much money it takes for me to have the kind of life I want. With such data, then I can make conscious decisions about what I’ll do to get closer to my goals. This process has made something like ‘not enough’ and that’s vague into something concrete where I can work towards and measure how far away or near I am to achieve it. That is what brings financial peace of mind and helps you overcome your anxieties and stress about money.

So what’s enough for you? Use these steps to see if they lead you to a clear picture of what’s enough for you.

If you want to work more closely with me where I coach you through identifying where you currently are financially, what’s holding you back from achieving your financial goals, and coming up with a simple action plan that helps you take concrete steps to get results and create your dream life, then I’d like to invite you to join my program, ‘Stop Money Stress’. I’m currently recruiting a small group of Founding Members during this pre-offer stage. You’ll gain access to the course weekly from August and have lifetime access to the fully launched course at no additional cost. Go to twopointzero.me/stopmoneystress to find out more and sign up by July to lock in your founding member price.

I hope to see you in the program!


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