010 - How to Develop A Healthy Relationship With Money with Leading Money Coach Karen McCall


I’m really excited to share this interview with Karen McCall, founder of the Financial Recovery Institute and the creator of the money management program MoneyGrit™. 

It was Karen’s book that helped me approach money and financial freedom differently and what’s led me down this path to help spread the word that financial freedom or being good with money begins not with just more information or knowledge about budgeting, investing and saving. 

Instead, the biggest, most crucial part to becoming financially free is about knowing ourselves deeply, what our beliefs are, and our relationship with money. Until we confront our belief systems, no matter what busy actions we do on the outside, we’re going to be pulled back to our self-destructive, old behaviors.

In this episode, Karen shares her unconventional and often counter-intuitive method of ‘Saving Your Way Out of Debt’, how to understand our relationship with debt and also with saving, how we have different (often not obvious) ways of depriving ourselves, and how to identify and meet our real needs at the deepest levels. 

We learn from Karen, how to experience financial freedom daily from where we are right now. Because, let’s face it, it may take time for us to get from where we are financially currently, to where we want to be. And as Karen shares, we can learn how to still take care of our needs and our loved ones, even as we’re working towards reaching our financial goals.

I love Karen’s approach to financial freedom which is not just airy fairy, feel-good affirmations and motivational quotes, but grounded, practical actions and tools that demand us to look ourselves squarely and honestly in the mirror when it comes to what our numbers are telling us about our behaviours that in turn are a reflection of our unconscious beliefs. Most importantly, Karen’s approach works, as I’ve personally found out when adopting her lessons to paying off my own debt. 

You’ll love this episode and don’t forget to check out Karen’s revolutionary money management system, MoneyGrit. This is a culmination of Karen’s lifetime work and experience all bottled into a valuable, easy-to-use system. Karen is generously offering a pre-sale price and you must sign up by 28 December 2020 to enjoy this preferential rate. I've already got mine for both my personal finance and business finance. There's a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try it out and if you don't think it's for you, you'll get your money back. It's no risk to you. 

You can find out more about MoneyGrit here or listen to the introduction to the system here.

Karen’s video course, Saving Your Way Out of Debt is accessible here.

Don’t forget to join Karen’s Monthly Money Monday free webinars where she has money coaches, psychologists and experts to help you learn more about your relationship with money.

Karen’s book, Financial Recovery - developing a healthy relationship with money can be found here.

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