Lessons on the go.

I can't remember exactly when I discovered Podcasts, but I'm so glad I did! There's a podcast for just about every interest and they are great for busy working moms who are constantly on the go. These are some of my favourites!

The Two Point Zero Podcast

by Sharon Singh Sidhu

Of course I'm gonna recommend my own podcast! This podcast is for anyone interested in following their passions and pursuing their dreams to create a life their heart desires. Guest interviews, practical tips and techniques all geared towards helping you live your life to the fullest! A must listen 😄


Psychologists Off The Clock

by Debbie Sorensen, PhD, Diana Hill, PhD, Yael Schonbrun, PhD, Jill Stoddard, PhD,

Co-hosted by four clinical psychologists, this podcast has interesting guest interviews teaching us how we can use psychology to flourish in our work, relationships and health. As someone who's always interested in science-based research around how our minds work, this podcast is a great resource for me!

Mind Your Business Podcast

by James Wedmore

If you're interested in launching an online business, you've probably heard of James Wedmore. I love his approach to combine the very practical side of business with the spiritual side of it. His podcast shows you how to apply spirituality to business - what a fantastic combination to make everything so much simpler!

Online Business Building Mamas

by Samantha Siffring

As a mom who's running a business, our needs are different. We often don't have the luxury of big chunks of time to dedicate to our business. Instead of making you feel like you therefore can't run a multi-million $$$ business, Samantha shows you how to flip what you once thought as a limitation into an opportunity to build and run a successful business the mom's way! She wastes no time and delivers lessons to you in a direct, simple and concise way. My kind of lady!

Smart Passive Income

by Pat Flynn

One of the first podcasts I ever listened to when I was trying to figure out how to pursue my dreams of creating multiple sources of income, this podcast is part of the SPI community that architect-turned-online entrepreneur Pat Flynn has created. I like Pat's focus on family, his values of trust and integrity, plus his squeaky clean image in the world of online marketing that often conjures up images of scammers. You'll learn so much here.

The Marie Forleo Podcast

by Marie Forleo

Who hasn't heard of Marie Forleo? If you haven't, these MarieTV-converted-to-podcast episodes will give you loads of practical tips plus a good, healthy dose of inspirational boost to never stop going for your dreams! Marie's podcasts are a combination of longer guests interviews or short episodes lasting only a few minutes. So, you can have a quick listen, binge on short episodes or go deep and listen to the longer interviews - your choice!

The School of Greatness

by Lewis Howes

Lewis is a New York Times bestselling author and well-known for his work inspiring people to live their best life. He has what I feel is one of the most diverse collection of world renowned successful people in the top of their fields as his guests, so this is a fantastic way to learn from the best leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science and health.