019 - There Are Multiple Paths to Financial Freedom - What's Yours? With Siobhain Danaher


I really enjoyed my chat with Siobhain Danaher, Business & Personal Strategist, Lean Practitioner, Travel Photographer, Blogger and most recently Online Course Creator.

Outside of her day job, Siobhain is building a business around her many passions.  In 2012 she launched her first blog 
‘The Photographer’s Guide to Travel’  and in 2017, Siobhain launched her 2nd blog ‘The Art of Positive Change’. Siobhain has just launched her signature course 'Kickstart Your Personal Strategy' which supports people with personal, purposeful, positive change.

What’s Covered In This Episode

How Siobhain found her ‘why’ and what’s truly important to her, and how you too must figure out what’s important in your life if you want financial freedom.

  • Know what’s preventing you from focusing what’s important in your life.
  • Siobhain’s specific plan to transition towards doing work that she loves, including how she makes it work financially.


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