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“As I was struggling with my decision to relocate from Hong Kong to Morocco with my family, Sharon tremendously helped me make my choice a serene one. She asked the right questions and, by doing so, made it crystal clear to me what were the exact reasons why I needed this change to happen in my life. Thanks to her support, I look forward to this move while feeling immensely grateful for my life experience here in Hong Kong. Sharon is not only a professional and highly competent coach but also - and maybe most importantly - a genuinely kind and compassionate human being. ❤️ ”

- Camille Bethoux

Certainly one of the better instructors I have come across. Sharon is able to maintain interest and active participation, deliver her lesson in a timely and clear manner. I thoroughly enjoyed her lesson.

- Ang

“Sharon was very well equipped with all
the relevant skills and knowledge, she constantly checked on the progress of
our learning and ensured we fully grasped the concept of the different
models through sufficient roleplay, discussions and presentation.”

- Aaron

“Sharon is very sincere and genuine about sharing her own
experiences and it is quite inspirational, definitely help us resonate and learn

- Pris

“Sharon encouraged active participation, she has shown her skills
experience in this setting as an example to us in a Coaching role she
portrays throughout the course duration.”

- Jane

“Sharon is an excellent trainer. Always constantly checking on our

- Zam

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