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"How can I do what I'm supposed to do with my money without the stress, anxiety and worry?"

"Where do I start if I want to get my money organised?"

"How do I even know I'm doing the right thing with my money?"

"I know what I'm supposed to do with my money, but it's just so hard to do and I can't stop stressing about how far away I am from my financial goals!"

Hi! I'm Sharon.

These were the questions I had as I grappled with my own financial anxiety while paying off a 6-figure business debt as the primary provider for my family.

My desire to stop stressing about money eventually led me to do work I'm passionate about and talented at, learn how to advocate for myself, let go of my disempowering beliefs about money, provide a comfortable life for my family, and build a system to pay off debt.


But it didn't happen overnight.

It was an ongoing process of learning, experimenting, tweaking, improving, making mistakes, getting up and trying again, but always consistently moving forward.

It's been a constant growing and learning journey since 2015 to build my confidence and certainty about managing my money that's led to creating a life with more calm, joy, and abundance when it comes to money.

I started my journey to master my money in 2015 when I found myself in a 6-figure business debt from a venture that didn't work out as I'd expected. So I went back to a well-paying corporate job. Shortly after, I was let go. With the weight of the business debt, mortgage, car loan and school going kids to support on my shoulders as the primary provider for our family back then, I found myself anxious, stressed out and losing sleep worrying about not having enough money.

Everything I read or learned about getting back on my feet financially and creating a financially free life left me feeling even more stressed out because although I knew what I was supposed to be doing (like build up an emergency fund, pay off debt and save for our retirement and our kids' education, etc.), I realised I was nowhere close to where I wanted to be.

Reaching the financial goals I wanted would take time. A long time.

What was I supposed to do in the meantime when I found myself waking up at 3am in the mornings, unable to go back to sleep because I couldn't stop ruminating about how my life was a complete failure?

I found that typical financial advice can leave you feeling fearful and helpless when you haven't done all the things they tell you to, like you’re somehow not good enough, or like maybe you're incapable or have failed in some way when it comes to successfully managing your money!

It's one thing to know in your rational, logical head what you're supposed to do with your finances and quite another to actually do it and be confident about your financial future.

Needless to say, knowing where you want to be and realising you're no where close can create a lot of financial anxiety!

And that's why I set out to find the answers to the questions,

"How can I create a life I love, where I can just breathe right now, knowing that no matter what happens, I'll be okay, my family will be taken care of, and I will achieve all my financial goals?"

"How can I stop stressing about money right now?"

How I Can Help You.

I don't sell financial products or talk about the usual financial literacy stuff that frankly, just leaves you feeling more stressed out, fearful and worried because of the scarcity approach of 'if you don't do this now, you won't have enough later'.

I don't claim to have 'arrived', neither am I 'perfect' when it comes to my financial anxiety. While I'm proud of all the growth and goals I've achieved, mastering your money and being financially confident is an ongoing process and way of life.

There are some days I still stress out about money! But with each step (and even misstep!), you'll gain experience, which is the key to gaining confidence and certainty that helps you create clarity and calm in your life.

What I teach is a SIMPLE FRAMEWORK in my program, STOP MONEY STRESS, that works for anyone at any point in their financial journey. It doesn't matter how much or how little money you have, how much or how little you know about money or how young or how old you are. You don't need to have a finance degree, watch the stock market daily or even be 'good with numbers' to be financially savvy and master your relationship with money.

My framework is all about helping you gain the confidence that you're doing the best thing for yourself financially so that you can create more calm and certainty in your life and stop stressing out about money!

More importantly, I teach you the step-by-step actions to take when things don't go the way you planned when it comes to your money so that you can quickly get back up and on track to reach your goals.

Because the truth is, no one gets it right 100% of the time. Many people are financially stressed out because where they currently are financially is not where they want to be. You don't need even more overwhelming information about how to save, budget, invest or how to get rich. At this point, you just need to know the right thing to do so that you can get back up on your feet and on track to achieve all your financial goals. And you need to be able to do it with calm, confidence and certainty!

What I teach are my daily practices and systems I've put in place to help you (and me!) deal with your financial anxieties and stress. It gives you a step-by-step system that helps you calm down so you can have clarity to take the necessary and consistent actions to reach your financial goals with confidence and certainty.

This is exactly what's helped me live my life with more joy, fulfilment, peace and security, knowing that I'm doing the right thing with my money and living the lifestyle I desire.

And the best part? Generating more wealth and abundance in my life because I'm no longer stuck in frustration, fear and resistance which were the very things preventing all the prosperity from flowing into my life!

I've incorporated the sound principles of conventional financial advice and combined it with the philosophy and mindset of success, goal achievement, resilience and personal leadership which I've seen all successful people apply in my 20+ years of corporate experience as a talent manager, human resource leader, recruiter, leadership trainer and coach. In addition, I draw deeply from spirituality that most approaches to financial mastery neglect. This is the cornerstone to establishing faith in yourself so you can experience financial peace of mind.

I invite you to work with me in my program, STOP MONEY STRESS, so that you too can create more calm, confidence and certainty in your financial life while you work towards making your dream life a reality, one step at a time.

My story.

I never expected to be doing this work.

As a human resources leader, trainer and recruiter in my corporate life of over 2 decades, I thought getting a good education, qualifications, a job with a large corporation and being married to a financially 'successful' husband would mean I'd be set for life.

That wasn't how it turned out.

Despite getting a Bachelors degree in Economics, a Masters in Industrial Relations & Human Resources Management, an advanced certification in training & assessment, being a certified leadership facilitator and financial education instructor, climbing the corporate ladder, and getting married to my best friend, I still found myself completely stressed out and worried I'd run out of money.

Although I earned a good income from my job, our 6-figure business debt wiped out a large chunk of our savings. I also became the primary earner for our family, something I resisted for years, and then lost that single source of income when I was let go from a job at the peak of my earning potential.

Life forced me to wake up from my fairy-tale money stories.

My financial anxiety started keeping me up at night, fighting with my husband, irritable with our kids, and negative at work.

I didn't like myself very much and I knew something had to change.

And that's when I started my journey to heal my relationship with money.

This journey has evolved to become a mission to help women take charge of their financial lives so they can create a life where they are free from anxiety and worries about money, regardless of their financial situation.

My approach is a result of figuring out how to keep my sanity, improve my mental, emotional and financial well-being even while paying off a 6-figure debt as the primary earner for our family.

This has created other ripple effects like better quality relationships with my husband and kids, learning how to bust through my own self-limiting beliefs about how much money I'm capable of making, and prove to myself that it really is possible to earn good money doing what you're passionate about.

If you want to learn a simple and powerful approach that gives you a step-by-step process to begin getting organised, confident and calm around your money that goes beyond the typical financial literacy advice that leaves you feeling even more stressed out and instead, create and live a life you desire, then join my program today.