You can learn how to master your relationship with money to create financial calm, confidence & certainty in your life.

Everyone, including you, has a relationship with money but most people don’t even know what that relationship looks like.

And it’s your relationship with money that determines your thoughts and feelings around money that lead to your actions and ultimately outcomes and results in your life.

Traditional personal finance advice can leave you feeling more anxious when you know what you’re supposed to be doing - like build an emergency fund, save for retirement, pay off your debt etc.

But in reality, you may feel you’re unable to do so for a variety of reasons - like trying to get through the month, maintain a certain standard of living, or simply not knowing where to begin.

This kind of advice just leaves you feeling powerless or like you’re doing something wrong.

Building a life you want takes time.

How do you stay calm and confident while taking the necessary steps to create your dream life? How do you let go of all your expectations around money so that you can allow more of it to show up in your life?

Hi! I'm Sharon.

These were the questions I had as I grappled with my own financial anxiety while paying off a 6-figure business debt as the primary provider for my family.

Overcoming my anxieties around money eventually led me to make a living doing what I love, provide a comfortable life for my family and build a system around paying off debt, all while keeping and even growing my sense of calm, confidence and certainty that I am fully capable to master my money.

I never imagined something I used to abdicate to another person (usually a man!) because it was just too complicated, boring and scary is now my passion!

You don't need to have a finance degree, watch the stock market daily or even be good with numbers to be financially savvy.

What I teach is a SIMPLE & POWERFUL set of skills, systems and self-awareness that enables you to stop stressing about money.

I invite you to work with me in my program, STOP MONEY STRESS, so you not only overcome your financial anxieties but become the master of your money, so you can experience more calm, confidence and certainty in your financial life.


Create a life where you're financially CALM, CONFIDENT & CERTAIN even while working through your money issues.

Traditional personal finance advice and financial literacy programs don't address the problem of financial anxiety while you're working through your money issues.

Psychology or counselling lack the financial principles and systems you need to help you be confident & certain about your money.

I created the 3-STEP FRAMEWORK that combines both to help you be financially calm, confident & certain no matter what your current financial situation is like.

Master Your Relationship With Money

Mastering your relationship with money will enable you to gain a deep self-understanding and have confidence in yourself. This enables you to trust that you already have what it takes to be great with your money.

Write Empowering Money Stories

You created your money stories and beliefs about what's possible and what's not when it comes to your money. Learn how to write better and more empowering money stories to create and experience more calm and confidence in your financial life.

Create Certainty & Peace of Mind

Create a simple & powerful plan so that you can take consistent, concrete steps towards your financial goals. It is your ability to stick to your actions over time that guarantees your success. You'll learn how to make a plan you can actually stick with over the long haul so that your success becomes inevitable.