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Follow your passions. Pursue your dreams.

Create a life your heart desires.


Welcome to Two Point Zero

This is where you’ll find all things related to upgrading and uplifting your life so you’re always a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

A Two Point Zero version of yourself, get it?

Follow your passions.
Pursue your dreams.
Create a life your heart desires.

That sums up what this website is about.

Sounds cliche, like some fluffy, cheesy, motivational quote you read on the internet.

But I can’t say it any other way.

Embrace Your Divine Inner Spirit

(Instead of Dismissing It)

It’s taken me about 20 years to realise that’s what life’s about. That’s over 20 years spent resisting this fluffy, cheesy stuff, telling myself it’s nonsense and not the practical, responsible thing people with mouths to feed do.

But no matter how I try to deny, resist and fight it, that internal tug in my heart just won't let go. This quest to figure out ‘my purpose’, the ‘meaning of life’, and what exactly is ‘my passion’ led me down a winding path complete with the twists, turns, detours, falling into ditches, and crawling my way out. I collected many lessons I needed to learn along the way.

I learned there’s really nothing to ‘figure out’. It’s just about tuning in and paying attention to what you already know in your heart. Much like turning the dial of the radio to find the frequency of the channel playing music you love.

Most of us have just been conditioned to block out our own inner voice and spirit. We spend most of our adulthood applying layer upon layer of reason, logic, rationality, to block out this intuitive, inner voice that already knows. We let all that static between radio channels distract us and tell us there's nothing there.

(P.S. if you're born after the era of having to tune into a radio frequency to locate your favourite music channel, read this simple article by How Stuff Works to get an explanation of how radio frequencies work.)

Live In Possibilities

(Rather Than Limitations)

Lately, there’s an awakening to peel back these layers to access our ‘higher consciousness’. The COVID-19 pandemic has really accelerated this process as we witness the Great Resignation. People are starting to realise they want more out of life or at least something different from their current existence.

You may have heard all the different terms used to describe what I simply call your intuition, your heart, or your inner voice.

Words like ‘Universe’, ‘Source’, ‘Infinite Intelligence’, ‘Subconscious’, 'Superconscious', ‘Your Higher Self’, ‘God’, etc. I lump all of these under the umbrella of ‘Spirituality’. In other words, something that’s beyond our physical, biological self, something more than yourself. It's kinda like your moral compass, your values and the kind of person you want to be. Often, it's beyond logic and reason, and just a kind of knowing.

Following your heart doesn’t mean you throw logic and reason to the wind. On the contrary, following your heart actually requires you to use your logical brain. You need your rationality and reason to create plans, take action, evaluate results, course correct, make adjustments, etc.

It isn’t a case of heart over mind or mind over heart. It's about heart AND mind. Sadly, most of us have been taught to disregard and dismiss what we already know in our heart. We use our mind to doubt ourselves and waste our precious time and energy obsessing over our fears.

Our fear of disappointment, failure, embarrassment, shame, ridicule, criticism, being wrong, etc. instead of using our beautiful minds to figure out how to make our dreams come true so we can have everything our hearts desire.

Your divine inner spirit operates in terms of possibilities rather than limitations. Use it to clear your path to a life your heart desires.

The Journey Is The Goal

(Enjoy The Process)

I love Aesops fables, don't you? Following your passions and pursuing your dreams is like the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare.

What you can see or ‘know’ is just the next step to take. Taking the next step can be hard and requires a little (sometimes a lot) of faith. But once you do, then the subsequent step reveals itself, then the next, and the next. And so it goes.

Life is like those story books I used to read as a kid, where you get to choose a path at every fork in the road to determine how your adventure unfolds and what kind of ‘ending’ you get. Have you ever read one of those? The point is you won't know exactly how the ending will play when you're making the decision. You just make the best decision given the options you have at that point. You know it's an adventure, and you go with the flow.

The point is to be like the tortoise and keep putting one foot in front of the other. You know you have a path, and you keep going, knowing you'll reach where you're supposed to reach if you remain consistent, enjoying the scenery as you travel on your path.

With any adventure or trip, you pack some essentials for your journey. When it comes to this adventure of following your passions and pursuing your dreams, do you know what are the essentials to bring along with you? I've found 3 essential items that work for me - Spirituality, Mindset & Goals.

3 Essential Items To Bring On Your Adventure


Learning to listen to your intuition, or your divine inner voice or wisdom to stay on the path of your passions and dreams.


Use your beautiful mind to explore possibilities and deal with limitations like fear and doubt that naturally occur when you're doing something you care deeply about.


Create concrete goals and take tangible, consistent action that enable you to enjoy your journey (which is your ultimate goal!).


What to Expect

When you join the adventure, you'll receive updates about chats I have with women living a life of passion on my podcast. You’ll hear the steps they’re taking to create the life they want, the challenges they faced and lessons they learned. I also share what I’m learning on my journey of leading a passion-led, purpose-driven, meaningful life.


Take Your Next Step.

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